The battery locks securely to the mount and its casing has a bit of a lip near the top for secure lifting and carrying. It has been interesting to watch Schwinn over the past decade, because they were one of the earliest entrants into the ebike space in 2007 with the World GSE model. It would be nice if there was a USB charging port somewhere on the bike, to use for your smartphone or lights, but at least the tires have reflective sidewalls and there’s plenty of room on the handlebar for mounting your phone and a rechargeable light separately. Compared to the other electric bikes, like the Schwinn Sycamore or the EC1 model, the Monroe is much lighter and less expensive. This bike comes with a 350-watt hub drive motor which has a thumb pad controller on the handlebar. 6 hours from empty to full, Top range without pedalling: 55 miles (89 km). The Schwinn Sycamore could be the perfect e-bike if you are still confused about finding the best quality and performance on hybrid electric bicycles.. This electric bike is more powerful and a little bit more expensive than the Schwinn Monroe 250. item 4 Schwinn Monroe 350 watt hub-drive, urban, fixie, electric bicycle, 8 speeds, men - Schwinn Monroe 350 watt hub-drive, urban, fixie, electric bicycle, 8 speeds, men $1,600.00 Free shipping However, there are motor inhibitors, so for an easier stopping, you can turn off the motor. These days, it’s part of a conglomerate called the Pacific Cycle group, and is expanding into electric bikes with products such as the sporty Schwinn Monroe 350. But still, why no rear derailleur? Schwinn’s Monroe comes in two models. The Sycamore 350 features a thumbpad controller with LED display for easy use and offers 5 levels of pedal assist so … Explore the exciting world of eBikes with a stylish urban ride that's perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. The assembly was pretty straight forward if you have put together a kid’s bike before. Schwinn Monroe 350 Video Review – $1.5k Zippy Single Speed Ebike, Larger Battery Capacity Posted in Videos By Michael G Posted on December 31, 2017 Tagged electric bicycles , electric bike videos , electric bikes Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Schwinn Monroe 350 Electric Bicycle 700c Mens/women Adult Small S7508SM at the best online prices at eBay! The Propella 3.0 is currently our favorite budget electric bike, and the Schwinn Monroe 250 can’t top it. This design choice makes the bike look nice and provides a bit of added protection but could make it harder to work on. Schwinn Monroe Electric Bike Reviews Updated: 2 years ago Schwinn planning on new E-bike launch this Fall 2017 Updated: 3 years ago Known Issues & Problems with Schwinn Products + Help, Solutions & … Compared to that bike, the Monroe 350 is 25% less expensive, a lot lighter weight, and much more streamlined. I thought having such a basic electric display would annoy me, but I kind of like it. Schwinn Monroe 350 Electric Bike $1,000 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Besides, you can also remove the battery and you will get even more 5.6 fewer pounds for easier lifting. An interesting characteristic of cadence sensors however, is that you don’t need to push hard in order to activate them… just keep turning the cranks and the motor will stay active. My bike did not come with a quick release for the front wheel and I had no bottle cage mounts on the frame for things like a water bottle. Besides, the display doesn’t offer a USB charging port. The bike is balanced pretty well and still feels like a bike. Check out the review! The Schwinn Monroe 350 electric bike comes with a powerful 350W hub-drive motor. Riding slower than this had a slow lumbering cadence and around 20 mph I was having to spin quickly to keep up. Replacement batteries available through Schwinn … I really enjoyed reading your comment, thanks for taking the time here. Once I charged the battery the bike started up first try. The assembly instructions that came with the bike were awful. So many of the cheaper ebikes I test have batteries that just use two bolts and clip down from above vs. sliding in from the side… so I really feel that Schwinn made a good choice with this pack. I’m 5’6” height and ordered a small frame. Lithium polymer battery pack is fast to charge, easily removable and balanced with the front…... Nice review, I agree with most of what you said. They worked fine in broad daylight, but at night, it could be annoying or even distracting… so I have used masking tape to dim this sort of light on my own electronic devices before, and I offer that as an inexpensive way to tone down the brightness if you like. Whether you are looking for a bike for your everyday commute, to run errands or for your exercise routine, this is the ideal e-bike. The Monroe 350 uses mechanical disc brakes vs. hydraulic activation with smaller 160 mm rotors vs. 180 and the motor is more efficient and smooth than truly powerful. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, that product has a much lower battery capacity. It does much better on hills than I expected but if you live in a mountainous area I would stay away from almost any single speed bike. I hope it holds up well for you over time and am happy to hear that you got a good deal on it! 99 We live in Brockville Ontario. Schwinn Sycamore 350 Watt hub-Drive, Mountain/Hybrid, Electric Bicycle, 8 speeds, Mens Size (Small) Schwinn Voyageur Electric Bike, Mid-Drive, Large Step-Through Frame, Dark Blue $2,199.99 $ 2,199 . It gives you more room on the handle bars to mount my phone and a bike radio. This bike lacks alot of features to be worth $1500 but at $1000 with a 2 year warranty. The eMonroe 350 is the next best thing in urban electric bikes. Hey! ... 1964 Schwinn Bicycle … There is also an LED display which shows you the status of the battery and assistance level. There is a kickstand mounting point just behind the bottom bracket, but I anticipate that if you add a stand here, it will block the left pedal when deployed, occasionally getting in the way when you park and maneuver the bike. The Monroe 350 comes with a 2-year warranty on the battery and electric assist parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork. Install the front tire. The pictures were for a totally different style bike and referred to a multi-speed bike. I weight 175 lbs. Shop now! This chart resembles the five square LED lights on the top of the battery pack. My biggest real complaint would be the lack of attachment points. I spent the most time getting the mechanical disc brakes setup. This is especially true if you add a rear rack or fenders because you’ll have to swing your leg even higher. Feature rich, relatively affordable, light weight electric bike from ~2009 well suited for city use. Offers not available … If you were someone with a disability I am not sure I would recommend this bike, you still have to put in some effort. As always, I’ll do my best to answer comments posted below and you can interact more on the Schwinn Ebike Forums. The bike also rides quieter with a single-speed drivetrain. Schwinn Sycamore is another cool choice for a hybrid bike. $120. Free shipping for many … Aside from the higher capacity battery and more powerful motor, the bikes were very similar and both priced affordably, but not as cheap as off-brand products. I am interested in purchasing a Schwinn Monroe 350 e bike this coming spring. There’s also no throttle here, which makes this a Class 1 product and allowable on more trails and paths but with only one gear and a cadence sensor, it requires a bit more pedal power and time to start. The one thing I was conflicted about was how bright the blue LED lights were on this display. Schwinn Monroe 350 Video Review - $1.5k Zippy Single Speed Ebike, Larger Battery Capacity. Once the battery pack has been filled and properly mounted to the frame, you just hold the power button on the control pad near the left grip, and it blinks to life with a little dance of lights. The buttons were easy enough to reach and press, and I like how the black casing of the display blends in with the black handlebar and matches the black spokes, chainring, pedals, and even the hub motor casing. Big thanks to Schwinn for partnering with me on this review, allowing me to cover several of their models back to back and to the Ebike Expo coordinators for allowing me to hang out. Will I have difficulty mounting the bike? There are two menus here, the left chart shows five dots that indicate 0-5 level of pedal assist. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. User manuals, Schwinn Bicycle Operating guides and Service manuals. schwinn monroe 350 electric bike. For this review and the Monroe 250, I was able to borrow demo bikes from the Schwinn team at the Electric Bike Expo in Philadelphia. The bike is very well balanced front to rear and even has enough room inside the triangle for a bottle cage mount, which could also work for a folding lock, mini-pump, or other standard accessory. And, compromises were made to keep the price low. You had reverse the front fork. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Could you deliver the bike to him for assembly if required. Go electric with the Schwinn Monroe 350! Unlike some ebikes this bike is actually ridable when the motor is turned off and the bike can actually coast. I had the box delivered to my house and the bike was packed unassembled, but the packaging was very good not a scratch on the bike. favorite this post Dec 7 Schwinn 3 wheel bike … This hybrid e-cycle has certainly been designed to give every cyclist a refreshing experience. The Bafang Max mid-motor is efficient, extremely quiet, and capable of climbing steeper hills if…... A lightweight, very affordable, name-brand electric bicycle available in three frame sizes for improved fit, purpose-built frame with color matched saddle, grips, and deep dish rims. This means that even though the motor won’t start instantly (for lack of a torque sensor) it will start and stop quickly enough to be safe and satisfying. Though the two bikes offer similar performance and specifications, the Propella 3.0 … It is hard to find a rear bike rack that fits this bike and the same goes for fenders. The battery life can keep you riding up to 45 miles and can be fully recharged from zero to full in approx. The lack of suspension on the bike makes for a rough ride when you get close to 20 mph. In order to get some up-close motor shots, I mounted one of my cameras to the frame. Shop all Schwinn electric bikes, including electric cruiser, road, hybrid, and tricycles for adults.,, Available in three frame sizes, so even though this is a pretty tall high-step frame, it should be easier to approach and more comfortable to ride for a range of body types, I love that even though the bike is minimal and simple in some ways (including price), they managed to squeeze in bottle cage bosses and fender bosses, so it can be used in many different environments… it might even work with a rear rack because of the seat stay bosses, but it didn’t have dropout bosses, just a tab for the plastic chain cover, This is a purpose-built electric bike with internally routed cables and a nice paint job, notice how the frame, fork, grips, saddle, and rims all have blue accents to tie in and the hub motor, spokes, chainring, cranks, and pedals are all black to match, Single speed bicycles like this tend to require less maintenance, have fewer chain drops, ride quieter, and have a cleaner cockpit which is less prone to damage in a city environment, Weighing in at just over 45 pounds, this is one of the lighter electric bicycles I have reviewed and that makes it easier to lift up stairs if you live in an apartment, it also has a removable battery pack so you can reduce it by 5.6 more pounds just by taking that off and going in two trips (I usually remove batteries when transporting ebikes on car racks, for example), Great pedal choice, they are large, sturdy, and provide excellent traction compared to plastic designs, Schwinn had to cut costs on some parts to keep the Monroe 350 at that $1,500 price point but I’m glad the pedals were not one of the things they downgraded, I noticed that the battery pack was attached to the frame at three points vs. just two on many conversion designs, this provides more strength and is a good move considering the more sporty rigid design of the bike, not having suspension, Cadence sensors are not as responsive or fluid as torque sensors or multi-sensors but at least this one provides a higher resolution 12-magnet sensor design, it worked pretty well during my test rides, I love that the Chai Yang tires were designed with a reflective stripe on the sides to increase the visual footprint of the bike and keep riders safer in traffic at night, Very impressive two-year comprehensive warranty, the Monroe 350 might be sold direct online and therefor require more shipping costs for repairs or warranty coverage vs. getting it at a local shop but this is a bigger brand that is backed up with corporate support, Schwinn reps communicated to me that they are entrenched in the bike world and are committed to the new ebike space, they have been able to leverage more than a century of bicycle expertise and translate that into their offerings to emphasize geometry and fit, they have a US-based customer service rep team that is available to answer consumer questions and provide solutions for issues, Rigid Aluminum alloy bike frames can feel stiff and uncomfortable when ridden on bumpy terrain, especially with thin tires, the Monroe 350 aims for efficiency, affordability and lightweight, but you could swap in an affordable 27.2 mm seat post suspension, Some of the compromises I saw on the bike were mechanical disc brakes which require more hand strength to pull than hydraulic and are using smaller 160 mm rotors (but the brake levers do have motor inhibitors, so you can instantly cut power to the motor when braking), Deep-dish rims like the ones used here offer more strength and a slight aerodynamic edge along with some fun styling, but they require more expensive tubes with longer valve stems, They can also ride stiffer because the spokes aren’t as long, it’s a minor gripe but I just wanted to be clear on the trade-offs, The power cable leading into the hub motor is a bit exposed on the right side dropout, so be careful not to snag it or allow the bike to tip over onto the right side (lean it towards the left because that side of the bike is less delicate), some ebikes have derailleur guards and I feel that this could protect the wire or that a different motor design with a more tucked-in cable like the Shengyi or Dapu motors could be useful, especially since this e-bike doesn’t have a kickstand, The compact, efficient 350 watt hub motor is going to offer more zip and climbing power than the 250 watt motor on the Monroe 250 model, but it’s still more lightweight and efficient than some of the 500+ watt motors hitting the market, just expect to pedal a bit on steeper terrain, The display is simple, easy to reach, and appears to be durable, but it doesn’t show your speed, how far you’ve gone, or offer a precise range or battery estimate like some of the fancier ebike products on the market now, it also does not have any sort of USB charging port to help maintain your phone or other portable electronics on the go, The battery charger is pretty basic, the end plug is plastic vs. metal, and the port where you insert it on the right side of the battery is fairly close to the crank arm and could get snagged or broken more easily there, so be careful, The blue LED’s on the display panel are VERY bright, which is great during the day but could be distracting or even bothersome at night.